The Way They Learn - Review

What type of learning style are you? Think of your years in school. There may be one method of teaching that really stood out to you. Perhaps visuals brought topics of math or science to live. Some of us learn well in groups while others dont get anything out of group projects except for headaches. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias takes on the concept of learning styles in her book titled The Way They Learn. Her desire is to help parents, and other educators, understand the various ways the kids learn. She uses a simple matrix of four learning styles that combine concrete, abstract, sequential and random styles of learning. The book is easy to read and practical.  Tobias gracefully walks through each style and highlights the difference between them. She ends her discussion with chapters focused on applying the information presented in the beginning of the book. She also provides an annotated bibliography and briefly discusses each of the sources referred to in her book. This is helpful for anyone wanting to take a deeper look into the topic of learning.

I would not recommend reading this book. The whole thing felt like it could have been clearly communicated in a one page pamphlet. The writing style and organization of the book are executed well. The content, however, leaves something to be desired. This is not a bad book and anyone interested in the topic may enjoy it very much. I do think that this is a book that you could choose to skip over and do just fine without. You would be aims to not take a look at Tobias' overview of learning styles but you may learn just as much by skipping the book.

Brent ColbyComment