Think Like a Futurist - Review


Think Like a FuturistCecily Sommers can help you predict what comes next in her book Think Like a Futurist. She outlines a system of thought that will help you analyze trends both past present and future. Understanding the composition of a trend will prepare your organization for the changes that lie ahead. Sommers' formula is simple and clear. She leans heavily into the "zone of discovery" as the essential process by which one defines, discovers, and distills future insight. She does well to get to the point and employs a set of ideas and terms unique to her work. Think Like a Futurist offers some great insight into our ever changing culture.

I would recommend reading this book. It gave me a lot to think about and I set some time aside to wrestle with some of Sommers' ideas. I was worried that this book would be full of idealized trend-spotting but found that Think Like a Futurist was a much more modest, more scientific, approach to preparing for change.

Brent ColbyComment