Too Busy to slow Down


I must not become too busy to slow down. It is easy to argue that I don't have time to pause, to wait or to be still. The demands on my time and the time of my family seem to exceed that which is available to me. I could make use of every hour of the day if my body would allow it; I would still have work to do. But I must allow myself a time to pause. Pause.

When I am waiting I make a shift from doing to being. This is an elusive state where we distinguish ourselves from our task and responsibilities. I allow my identity to get caught up in the things I set out to accomplish far too often. What is my identity aside from my work?


I will make time to wait when I choose to wait on the Lord. He is where I find my primary identity. He directs my path, not my to-do list or online calendar. I hear much more when I slow down and fight against the tides of productivity that want to drive my day.

Brent ColbyComment