Too Hot?

Change produces friction and friction produces heat.  Many people in a leadership position take delight when things start to heat up because it is indicative of change. This is most definitely true. We must ask ourselves if things are becoming too hot. I dont think I would ever consider things too hot in years past. The more change the better! This view, however, dose not consider those whom we wish to lead. It can be difficult to remember that there are people to worry about other than ourselves when it comes to change. Martin Linsky discussed the importance of controlling the temperature when introducing change. It give you something to think about.

If you try to stimulate deep change within an organization, you have to control the temperature... The heat must stay within a tolerable range—not so high that people demand it be turned off completely, and not so low that they are lulled into inaction.

How hot is too hot? When was the last time you considered cooling things down?

Linsky, Martin (2002-04-18). Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading (p. 108). Harvard Business School Press. Kindle Edition.
Brent ColbyComment