Unbroken - Review


Unbroken Unbroken tells the story of Louis Zamperini and his tragic adventure as a WWII bombardier and prisoner of war. A grand epoch of aerial warfare surrounds Louis and his companions as they wage war against axis powers. The strategic bombings of the early war broaden their scope to include entire cities as combatants become more desperate for victory. Islands in the South Pacific are reduced to smoldering ruble as the power of the allied air force makes it self known to the Japanese. Zamperini and his crew live in a world of constant danger until their plane is downed over the pacific. Their battle turns from the face of danger to the face of death as they struggle against the elements, the sadistic Japanese, and their own will to survive. The ultimate redemption of Louis is found in a surprising way as a powerful gospel changes his life forever.

Laura Hillenbrand has crafted an amazing story of survival. The characters and events of Unbroken are larger than life. Her commitment to the men behind the story is unwavering. Each chapter pulls you closer to the lives of each pilot, bombardier, and navigator. The book moves quickly and goes from bad to worse in a tale that is hard to believe. The strength of Louis Zamperini is powerful and his story is appropriately honored.

I would highly recommend reading this book. It is a story that spends much of its time in the prison camps of the violent and cruel Japanese. Hillenbrand does not spare her any audience any details surrounding the animalistic conditions endured by the prisoners of war. Many allied troops suffered to the point of death and the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers are described in full. If you are squeamish then this book is not for you. The author does not glorify or exploit the violent nature of Zamperini's story but she does tell it in full. The amount of respect and appreciation I gained for our WWII veterans rose significantly. It was a great generation who made a great sacrifice for my freedom.

Brent Colby2 Comments