Waiting for Rain

I don't think I have ever had to wait for rain: we get lots of rain in the Northwest. Every few years we experience a bit of drought. The news people call it drought but I don't know. The clouds manage to stay away and the grass goes brown and we are asked to wash our cars on the grass. This is the drought I know and it rarely lasts more than a week or two. What about waiting on God? I do know what it is like to wait on God. I have felt dry in my heart and prayed for rain.

God stretches my heart in times of waiting. These times can feel downright desperate. I pray to be with God like we were before: when things were better. I ask myself why things feel so dry now? What am I doing wrong?

The truth is that we become stretched in times of spiritual drought. Waiting for God increases my desire for Him. It is hard to believe that we may take God for granted but we do! If you have never suffered a time in your life when God felt far away know that it will come. You are being stretched and your capacity for the love of God is being pulled out of you. Do not become discouraged. God still loves you and is still close to you. You are waiting for the rain.

When the rain returns you will go crazy. It is refreshing, live giving and new! Every drop of water brings you into a fuller existence and you know that life is within you.

Brent ColbyComment