What Are Kids Any Good For?

I work with kids and see hundreds of them pass through my church on any given week. I hear them answer questions about God and watch them interact with each other (even when they think no one is watching). Some people ask me when I am going to become a real pastor; when I am going to begin investing myself into something that is more important. They are begging the question, what are kids any good for? We all know that kids are important because of what they will become. But do we believe that kids are important for what they are today? What sort of contributions can a 9 year old make? We underestimate the potential of a child.

Here is an exceptional example of what children are capable of. This is 9 year old Jonny Mizzone playing with his 12 and 14 year old brothers. I am not suggesting that every child is capable of this but I am suggesting that children of all ages are capable of contributing to the mission of the church today. Jesus Christ conveys the importance of children over and over again int he Bible. Our most famous example is found in Luke 18:15-17 where Jesus insists that children have full access to him.

Advocate for children. They cannot promote themselves. Even the talented Mizzone brothers would go no where without the support of adults. Look for the best in kids and imagine ways that their gifts can be put to use today and not just prepared for use tomorrow.

Brent ColbyComment