When You Are Not That Good


I came across some insightful words from Ira Glass. He suggests that many artistic people do not get past the ugly stage of creative work. He encourages us to produce as much work as possible to refine our craft and gradually close the gap between ugly and beautiful. Take a listen.

Franky Schaeffer challenges us to, "work, work, work; create, create, create" in his book Addicted to Mediocrity. I think there is a lot of truth behind this. The more we do the better we become at doing. So what happens when you are not that good? You keep on working. Dont do less because of your lack of quality; do more. I think the catch to Ira's idea here is that we have good taste. Some people do not have good taste and the remedy for this is what? Eat more? I do not know if become exponencial consumers is the key to becoming a better producer. What do you think?

Brent ColbyComment