When You Slow It Down What Do You See?

What happens when you slow it down? You notice more. This time of the year is infamous for hustle and bustle. If your like the rest of us then you find your nights and weekends full of travel and events. Think of all the friends and family and workmates you must tend to! Those white elephant gifts dont wrap themselves now do they? Check out this video. I watched it this morning and saw two totally different things. the first was some skateboarding trick. The second was a magnificent feat of athleticism.

The catch? Ya, its the same clip just slowed down. Our lives are like this. We are involved with a blur of activities and noises and dont notice how incredible they really are! A family dinner? A gathering with friends? A Christmas Eve service? These are big deals but until we slow down and notice them they may feel like chores. What is something that you notice when you slow down?

Brent ColbyComment