Who Owns the Things You Love?


Live Concert 3What do you love? Football, cinema, food? Consider who has ownership over those things and the influence that you have given them over your life. My wife and I enjoy watching a few shows online. But I hate waiting for next episodes to be released. Irregular schedules, unannounced breaks, and manipulative "to be continued" episodes drive me crazy. But what can we do? We have committed to the show and have, in turn, committed to a greater industry called entertainment. I read a prayer today that challenged me to think about who owns the things that I love. The author wrote, "... prepare me with your assistance, receive all my works, and possess all my affections." It is a simple process: someone makes something according to their own vision and motivation. Others attach themselves to that thing and, in doing so, attach themselves to the vision and mission of others. When you love a sports team you are buying into a bigger vision for sport and entertainment. When you love a brand you are buying into an image, a different style of living. You don't choose the owner of the things that you love because they are already there; their influence is already present. The more serious you take their object, the greater their influence over you.

... possess all my affections.

This influence can, of course, be good or bad. It varies in strength and may be overt or subversive. Some owners are aware of the power they wield on their audience. Some are subjugated themselves to a greater maker of things. Think about the things you love and who owns those things. Guard your heart, the psalmist writes, for it is the wellspring of life.

Brent ColbyComment