Who Will You Encourage Today?

I spend most mornings reading the Bible. Whenever I have an honest encounter with that book I walk away encouraged and challenged to live a God-centred life. This is always good for me and it is never easy. 

Today I recognize that few people invest the opening moments of their day in the Bible. I also recognize that many people whom I will interact with have never spent a morning in the Bible. This places me in a unique position to pass on what was passed to me. My daily routine is a novel experience for most, particularly those who need to hear from God the most.

As God’s words give me life, let my words give life to others.

As God's words give me life, let my words give life to others. Today I must choose to speak life to those who have not heard an encouraging word in a long time. Their ears are filled with dissent, disaster, and demoralization. This morning, I am uniquely equipped to share truth from God. They may not be God-fearing people, but the power of God's word never fails to transform our lives. 

Who do I speak to today? What do I say? Will I embarrass myself with incomplete or incoherent ideas about life and love? Or will I be prompted to speak a simple word of encouragement to someone who is in desperate need? All I know is, if I don't say something then I have failed to invest into others what God has invested into me.