Why Vision in a Vacuum Sucks


tumblr_n4xl631MxL1slyhito1_1280Vision in a vacuum sucks because it is incapable of inspiring others. We often talk about the importance of vision: it brings direction, alignment, and movement. Good leaders are capable vision-casters and drive the pursuit of ambitious dreams. You may be one of these aspiring leaders; doing whatever you can to motivate a particular audience. But you will never succeed if your vision is born, or if it lives, in a vacuum. A vacuum is a place void of others. It is you alone in your journal, office, or white board. These places of solitude feel like the best place to dream of things to come because they afford you the room to think, error, and study. But the truth is that vision in a vacuum can never realize its potential because it will never be realized. Your vision must be shared and owned by others.

Your vision must be shared and owned by others.

Other people will own your vision when you let them create it with you. Your willingness to brook the conversation will introduce streams of dialogue previously unexplored. Your vision will be smarter, better represented, and more clear. People with skin in the game are willing to recruit others and work through setbacks. Nothing of significance is ever easy. If your vision is worth the effort it will be challenging. This is why you can't do it alone and why you need people who are not afraid of confrontation.

Introduce streams of dialogue previously unexplored... don't dream alone.

Don't dream alone. It is a dangerous habit for thinkers and aspiring leaders. Share your vision with those you wish to lead and allow them to shape it, mold it, and direct it. You will find yourself inspiring others while moving them toward the realization of your ambitious dream.