With You Dada


I asked my two year old daughter what she wanted to do today. My wife is out of town for the weekend and I thought that Adele' might have an opinion about what to do next. We had spent the morning eating breakfast and building forts; those were my ideas. I secretly hoped that nothing too demanding would come to mind. A visit to the pet store? A bath tub full of bubbles? Perhaps she wanted me to make a treat for lunch. She looked straight into my eyes with a smile on her face. What she said melted my heart in three words: "with you dada." All Adele' wanted to do today was be with me. She didn't care what we did so long as we were together. I instantly knew that Disneyland or Albertsons would be a smash hit so long as she could be next to me. During nap time I reflected on this intimate father-child moment. I thought of the relationship that I have with my spiritual father. What would I say if he asked me what I wanted to do today? I might ask for a European vacation or for my school loans to be paid off. What were the odds that I would ask for the most meaningful and simple thing from God: to be with Him... I believe that he wants us to want to be with Him.

Being in God's presence is the greatest thing we could ever strive for. It should be that which drives us. The goodness of our lives is proportionate to our closeness to God. Ancient and modern heroes of the faith have one thing in common: they spend lots of time with God. These men and women are not simply God's key strategists or business managers. They are not just religious yes-men or spiritual entrepreneurs. They have a president desire to be with God and God uses them in mighty ways. 

I was reminded today that my first priority should be to spend time with God. My entire ministry is fueled by this relationship. My dreams for the Church must not obstruct my desire for Christ.

Brent Colby3 Comments