Working With a Divided Mind


Divided MindIs your attention divided? Right now, are you thinking about something else? A few other things? I stumbled across this bowl today and had two different reactions. The first was awe: what a great and useful idea! The second was something closer to shame: I cant believe that I don't take the time to just eat. I often find myself operating like the soup bowl guy: distracted. I convince myself that it is ok because I call it multitasking. Multitasking is good right? It is a mark of effectiveness and efficiency. Or is it? I have read several articles that attempt to debunk the multitasking myth. At best, they typically argue, we are not doing two things at once but are switching between those things quickly. Sure, you might say, that is what multitasking is. But it has different implications that being able to simultaneously perform two tasks.

When I allow ourselves to work with a divided mind I become far less effective. I get less done AND produce lesser work. The quality and quantity go down.  I am going to try to put my soup bowl / phone dock away and focus on fewer things at once. When I am able to accomplish this single-mindedness I find my work more fulling and of higher quality.

What do you think? Are you able to multitask or, if you are being honest, are you just distracted?

Brent ColbyComment