Write Plans in Pencil, Vision in Ink


Incomplete Map 2You don't know what the future will hold. The best you can do is study, learn, prepare, and plan. Andy Stanley, in his book Next Generation Leader, prompts you to "Clarify your vision and embrace the uncertainty of your plans." You often take people to a place that you have never been to before. This requires you to embrace the unknown and venture off the edge of the map. You will no longer be afforded the comfort of well worn trails, clearly marked intersections, and warnings of dangerous territory. Know your vision, see the goal with clarity, determine which way is North.  

Embrace the uncertainty of your plans.

Stanley advises us to "Pencil in your plans. Write your vision in ink." Vision is what sticks; vision separates leaders from everyone else. People will chose to follow you when you articulate a compelling place to go. Don't feel like you have to know exactly how to get there, especially when you dare to venture off where no one has gone before. But cling to the vision of your final destination. People will be exceedingly tolerable of a challenging and dangerous journey when you are able to journey without wavering, experiencing a failure of nerve, or cowardice.

Don't feel like you have to know how to get there...

When you write your plans in pencil you admit that the path ahead is not totally clear. When you write your vision in ink you demonstrate your conviction about where you need to go. Leave room for the unexpected and don't let a foiled plan spoil your dream.


Brent ColbyComment