Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness - Review


Zarrella's Hierarchy of ContagiousnessDan Zarrella is well grounded in the world of social media. He is fed up with "experts" offering warm and fuzzy advice for tools like Facebook and Twitter. His formula for social marketing is based off of a myriad of statistical data and helps to create Zarellas' Hierarchy of Contagiousness. He describes a series of best practices and offers up several insightful tools to test his theories of social contagiousness on your own. This is a short information-packed book. Zarrella is plain spoken, clear, and has something interesting to say. He backs up every one of his ideas surrounding the use of social media and sets out to deny (or confirm) a series of myths surrounding Facebook and Twitter.

Zarrella has something to say.

I would recommend reading this book. If you help lead an organization and use social networks to share information and connect with people you should have a plan. Odds are that you could be spending your time working smarter online and Zarrella is just the guy to help you do it.

Brent ColbyComment