5 Reasons to Attend a Children's Ministry Leadership Conference


Fusion Card Back Fusion is a conference for children's ministry leaders and is hosted by a network of churches in the Pacific Northwest. The idea is that leaders can strengthen and develop their skills by sharing ideas, becoming encouraged, and spending some quality time together. I have attended the event for the past eight years and look forward to it each fall. Perhaps your are on the fence about going? Let me offer you 5 reasons to attend a children's ministry leadership conference. And hopefully you will choose to join me November 14-16 at Fusion this year.

1. You need to hear from outside voices

2. Investing in yourself adds value to your church

3. Friends make ministry fun

4. Encouragement is essential for longevity

5. Food trucks

You need to hear from outside voices; this is how you become a better leader. Books, videos, and podcast are great but there is no substitute for a face to face meeting. Investing in yourself is the best way to add value to your church. You are the most essential resource for the ministry of your church: no iPad, curriculum, or video projector can do what you do. When you take the time to invest into your own leadership skills it reaps the greatest reward imaginable. Friends make ministry fun, you can't do it alone. Having someone to call after an exhausting Halloween event can make the difference between crying and laughing. Try to laugh more, I mean seriously, lighten up. Encouragement is essential for longevity. I don't care how tough and determined you are: everyone needs fuel for their fire. If this is your first leadership position teaching a Sunday school class or if you are a grizzled veteran: you need to be lifted up. We will be hosting food trucks, and a band, and a party. Enough said.

Space is limited so be sure to register online for Fusion soon!

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