Team of Rivals - Review


Team of Rivals Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin describes the political life of Abraham Lincoln. From his modest roots in Springfield Illinois to the coveted seat in the White House, Lincoln manouvered brilliantly. His time as President of the United States of America were the most trying that the Union had ever seen. Civil War shattered the nation and Lincoln fought to create a political reality that would sustain the North and re-incorporate the South. 

This is a book about the politics of Lincoln. His family, the war, and personal life are interwoven with the narrative but his leadership as a politician sit at the forefront of the narrative. Goodwin starts at the beginning and does a great job to create a context for each of Lincoln's decisions. She effectively harnesses the powerful voices of the men and women of the time. Each historical figure lives and breaths in the world of 19th century American politics.

This book is about the politics of Lincoln.

I would recommend reading this book for the enthusiast. Goodwin does a great job providing depth while not letting the overall narrative stall. It is, however, quite deep and focuses extensively in the internal intrigue of Lincoln's political cabinet.

Brent ColbyComment