A Christian Manifesto - Review


Francis A. Schaeffer is a prolific writer and thinker on behalf of the Church. His works are well respected and have influenced a generation of Christian leaders. In his work, A Christian Manifesto, Schaeffer delivers a call to arms for followers of Jesus. He begins by helping his audience grasp the current trends in popular and political arenas of thought. He recommends a course of action for Christians to follow and assert themselves into the world that so desperately needs them. Francis spends a fair amount of time defining the tension that exists between the Church and government. Throughout his book we see a consistent prioritization of scripture. And rest assured that the gospel of Jesus is central to Schaeffer's manifesto. I would recommend reading this book. It has been reprinted many times sense first hitting the shelves in 1981. Schaeffer's book often feels like a defensive maneuver against the communist and humanist trends of the twentieth century. This book is still worth reading today. Any cultural irrelevancies serve as a candid historical view on thirty year old social concerns. It is amazing how much things have not changed over these past few decades. The Christian Manifesto is still as convicting today as it has ever been.

Brent ColbyComment