Know Everything: Faith in a Box


Put your faith in a box; it is a great convenience. You can ship it or hold it or keep it in a safe place. Faith contained is faith understood. The smaller the box the more control you have! Immagine the possibilities. You can tame faith and keep it civil. A polite faith offends few and makes many friends. Branded for the massess and sold for their own good: faith in a box is the commodity of Christ. You can explain away every question and reason away all doubt. There is no mystery; that fuel of wonder. You will be amazed by your own comprehension, by how smart you have become. There is security in intellect; fear is not knowing. Faith in a box is a great convenience.

What of those who cannot control the knowledge of Christ? Their life is inconvenient. It is not pretty or nice. Their faith can offend polite men and sound unreasonable to the masses. It seeks its own end and disregards the desires of this world. It is a faith that seeks the glory of Christ before the comfort of the Church. It is a mystery that cannot be wholly known. It is free and uncontrollable. It allies it self to no state and supersedes the laws of man. It is taken up by wild men; unkept and unmannered. Uncontrollable faith is a wonderful burden because it cannot be carried alone.

Brent Colby5 Comments