A Whole New Mind Review

We are all familiar with the right brain left brain dichotomy. Which one are you? Daniel Pink has written a book about the value of right brain thinking in his book A Whole New Mind. He takes a look at some emerging trends in today's global economy. His main argument is that left brain work is becoming automated and is losing value. The jobs of engineers and scientists are being done better and cheaper by computers and outsourced personel. Meanwhile, right brain jobs are becoming more and more important in a world that is searching for meaning. It is a fascinating read. Parts of the book reminded me of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat (another great read) where he argues that the boundaries between global comerse and culture are being removed. So Pink believes that right-brainers will rule the futre... kind of. The core of Pink's argument is that left brain work will have to be spiced up with right brain creativity. Those who wish to succede in our flat world must be able to add meaning to their work that surpasses the basic functions of their job. Engineers must create works that are equally artistic as they are function. Scientists must be able to relate to moral and social causes to their work. Pink paints an overall priority of empathy with the right brain.

Which way do you lean? Right or left? Can you add more right brain meaning to your left brain tasks? What would this even look like? I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in making the biggest impact possible in your nine to five occupation.

Brent ColbyComment