Teamwork is Crowded

Teamwork can be crowded. For those who enjoy their personal space this can be a major downside to collaborating with others. When you are a part of a team you are giving up some measure of autonomy. You can't go it alone or do your own thing. You must be willing to huddle up and bunker down with other people. Take this video for example. It is a perfect example of a clip that has gone viral (read over 35 million views). What makes it such a novelty? It is the creative use of a guitar and the exceptional team work of the group.

Each of us must be willing to be a part of a team. This means that we have to leave the comfort of our home turf and mingle with other people. Hermits and homebodies be ware: other people are different. When teams come together they accumulate a variety of strengths and talents. The members of Walk the Earth show this concept in action. Each one is making a unique contribution to the work of the whole. It is one song but is made up of many different parts.

Are you a part of a team? Are their areas of your own work that you have been unwilling to submit to others? Know that teamwork is crowded and the benefits far outweigh the burdens.

Brent Colby2 Comments