Action Prayer

Prayer results in action. Prayer is not a dead end spiritual discipline. Some people see prayer as an end to itself. Prayer is the act of aligning our hearts and desires with that of Christ. We enter into a conversation with Him that is more than any exchange of words. Praying with God draws us close to the heart of God so that the very pulse of our being is synced with Him. A life of prayer leads us to see things as God sees them; to be come emotionally engaged with the heart of God. This type of relationship can only have one result: action. Many of us, on the other hand, are too quick to act. We jump into our local church with the fury of an apostle and set out to change the world before consulting with God. Action must begin in prayer. Keating concludes in his book titled Intimacy with God that, “contemplative prayer with out action stagnates, and action without contemplative prayer leads to burnout or running around in circles.”[1]What is the relationship between our prayer life and our Christian service? Are the two aligned? Does the one inform the other or have we fallen into a place where action and prayer never meet? Let your prayer life drive your life of Christian living.

[1] Thomas Keating, Intimacy with God. p. 188.

Brent ColbyComment