The Mission of God and the Church

God is on a mission and we all play a part in His master plan. The Holy Spirit works in each of our lives to reveal the person of Jesus Christ and give us power to tell people about His good news. This evangelism takes place as a component of God’s Church, a continuation of the manifest body of Christ on earth. The Church plays a crucial role in the mission of God as a witness to His redemptive power. One day sin will suffer its final defeat and all of creation will be restored to glorify God. This essay will discuss the interlocking roles of the Holy Spirit in evangelism in the Church in the mission of God. Like a Russian nesting doll these concepts can be found within each other as we look within the outermost layer: God’s mission. We will conclude by discussing some practical applications for the Church to move forward in evangelism with a clearer sense of purpose and direction.

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