All Business Is Local - Review


The entire world is a click away. The internet age has revolutionized the way in which we experience business and culture. Services and goods can be obtained from the corner store or China just the same. Organizations like Amazon, Google and Wikipedia help us buy, organize and discover the world with ease. In the midst of this flat world what role does local business play?  John A. Quelch argues that place matters more than ever his book titled All Business is Local. He uses the examples of popular sports teams and localized fast food franchises to emphasize the importance of geographical identity. People associate places with things and businesses would be wise to take advantage of our sociological bent.  The illustrations and arguments found in this book are interesting but feel drawn out. The opening few chapters move quickly and promise revelation into the mind of local marketing. The text ends up feeling like a marketing guide for dummies and focuses on generic examples of large scale marketing.

I would not recommend reading this book. It was boring and difficult to relate to. I dont mean to be so critical of a book that is both sound and easy to follow. I feel like the author (or publisher) set off to sell a different book than what was written.

Brent ColbyComment