Camping Out


There is something special about camping out. When we remove ourselves from the normal rhythms of life we are free to see things differently. It becomes  apparent how many extra things are in our life and how little you actually need to survive. But camping is more than survival; it is an adventure. You accomplish something in the outdoors that that is impossible at home. The lights turn on and off with the setting and rising sun. Streams become sources of water and patches of moss become  places of rest. Camping helps us become more in-tuned with creation. Perhaps this alignment with the natural world helps reframe our point of view. I get to camp out this weekend. It is not the sort of wilderness adventure I have described above. But it is the sort of retreat that helps to calibrate my point of view. I am getting away from my normal rhythm of life for one day in order to have an adventure of my own. We should all get away to spend a day living simply. This past holiday weekend was just that for many people. I hope you create chances to adjust the rhythms of your life.

Brent ColbyComment