American Gods - Review


American GodsAmerican Gods describes the tale of deities who have been brought to America from their pagan roots around the world. Immigrants to the New World brought their gods with them and, as the time passed, they lost their influence over culture. The old gods battle the new ones in this supernatural tale of deceit and deception. I have never wanted to stop reading a book so badly. Neil Gaiman is the author of this American tale that is centered on the world of paganism. The book was recommended to me by a friend (unnamed) and had good reviews online. I thought it would be worth the time and that I might get something out of it. I did not screen the book as I normally do, it was an impulse read. And I paid the price. About half way through I was ready to be done but was confronted with this idea: perhaps something that challenges me this much would be good for me to endure. I completed the read and remained disappointed.

Perhaps something that challenges me this much would be good for me to endure.

I would not recommend reading American Gods. The book, as a literary specimen, is excellent. Gaiman is a talented author with a keen eye for detail and lends a palpable human touch. But the content eviscerates the soul while normalizing the presence of evil in our world. The only redeeming quality of the book was to paint a picture of a supernatural world where petty gods torment their human audience. I don't doubt that this world, in a sense, is real for many people and this read may help me empathise with them in a new way.


Brent ColbyComment