Remember: God LikesYou


God ReachingIt is easy to become overwhelmed in the great world that God has created. I feel small when I look up into the night sky or read about the histories of our world. It can become easy for me to become consumed by meagerness and by the awesomeness of God. This is, in many ways, a healthy posture to adopt; t breeds a humble  self image. But it can also result in a disconnect between the creator and the created. God made you and he likes you. This famous image depicts God touching the hand of Adam. It depicts, among many other things, a personal contact between God and man. I was reading today out of Psalm 18 and was caught by this line,

"he rescued me because he delighted in me."

God delights in you, he loves you. As we develop a sense of self in this great world that God has created remember that you were designed by Him, that he knows you, and delights in you. Thinking this way imparts a level of self-value that is profoundly important as we determine how to live for Him.

Brent ColbyComment