Be Still and Know


natural disasterI read Psalm 46 today which ends in the mandate to be still and know that the Lord is God. Two specific scenarios are described in which people fret: ecological and political. The Psalmist describes a earth in the throngs of self destruction and a social order in the midst of war. And yet we are given the assurance that God will prevail. Even though our planet may be crumbling with earthquakes and volcanic activity: be still and know. Even as nation states are wiped off of the map and civil wars threaten humanity : be still and know. No amount of political turmoil or ecological destruction should draw us away from resting in the Lord's strength. This interpretation is a literal one but contains a salient point for us today. We do not hope in environmental or political stability as we hope in the Lord. Our stewardship of societies and natures is still an important aspect of our testament to the creator but they are not our hope. 

We are free from fear because of our hope in Christ. This does not mean that we will be exempt from the many dangers that surround us; it simply means that we must rise above the mess and measure our own security according to higher rule.

Brent ColbyComment