Lucky Thirteen - Review


Lucky Thirteen CoverHalley is a dropship pilot. Her job is to move troops and supplies through hostile environments as quickly, and safely as possible. But her standard issue Wasp is more than a swift transport: it is capable of dealing a heavy blow to anyone who may cross her path. As the rookie dropship commander in her group, Halley inherits the oldest ship in the hangar: Lucky Thirteen. Marko Kloos' second contribution to the Terms of Enlistment universe is a short story that follows Lt. Helley in and out of combat. Kloos follows the same direct style of writing prescribed to Andrew Greyson in Terms of Enlistment. The story is short, fun, and full of action.

I would recommend reading this short story. At fourteen pages I still felt that this was $0.99 well spent. This is Kloos' second publication and his first short story (on Amazon).  He has expressed intentions to write three more novels in the world of Andrew Grayson with Lines of Departure appearing soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more short stories as well. Kloos is on to something here and many of his readers can't wait for him to deliver.

Brent ColbyComment