Blink - Review


How long does it take you to make up your mind? Would you believe that, in an instant, your brain has already come to a conclusion? Complicated choices are ran through a filter of knowledge and experience and a decision is made before you can... well you know.  Malcom Gladwell explores the science behind intuition in his book Blink. Our mind is constantly making snap decisions about how we feel weather we realize it or not. These intuitive responses influence us in ways that we can not always articulate. They can help us make better decisions quicker. They also have the power to lead us astray. Gladwell provides us with a brief overview of the psychology behind the Blink concept and walks us through sever case studies that illustrate this intuitive human response. I would not recommend reading this book.  I was a big fan of Gladwell's Tipping Point and was excited to dive into another one of his well researched works. The bottom line of Blink was a bit too obvious and I felt like I was waiting for the "ah-ha" moment from the very beginning. It never came. The book is well written and felt like a legitimate break down of the science behind intuition. I just felt like Gladwell took a moderately fascinating essay and turned it into a full on book.

Brent Colby1 Comment