Jumping Up and Down


There are people who try to raise their soul like a man continuall taking standing jumps in the hopes that, if he jumps higher every day, a time may come when he will no longer fall back but will go right up to the sky. Thus occupied he cannot look at the sky. We cannot take a single step toward heaven. It is not in our power to travel in a vertical direction. If however we look heavenward for a long time, God comes and takes us up. He raises us easily -From Waiting for God by Simone Weil.

It dosent mater how high you can jump; you will never begin to fly. Sometimes I work very hard to accomplish a task that is not my own. God transformes me. God transformes my church. God transforms my community. I am not called to make the transformation but to simply draw  attention upwards. Simone Weil illustrates the flawed thinking that says I can do it myself if I try really hard. We can't do it. The best we can do is to give our full and undivided attention to the one who has created us. We forget that the hard work is already done! Ours is to accept the flight that Jesus gives and to tell everyone about it. Christ has made a way for us to become part of His family. The winning Jesus keeps me from failure and a life wasted jumping up and down.

Brent Colby2 Comments