Celebration of Discipline - Review


Celabration of DisciplineRichard Foster's Celebration of Discipline describes a Path to Spiritual Growth by highlighting a scope and sequence of Christian practices. The book describes three categories of disciplines including inward, outward, and corporate. Each of these categories contain a subset of activities that help individuals experience a relationship with Christ that is both liberating, empowering, and breeds humility. Foster is not describing a model of spiritual formation as much as he is describing a series of disciplines that are accessible to every believer and essential for those who wish to move closer to the heart of God and his love for the world. Foster is an excellent author and is writing in an area of expertise. He has a canny ability to share profound thoughts that are clear and easy to understand. He is an excellent communicator who is well organized and inspirational. His understands spiritual formation as a journey for every man and woman and writes to this audience. The book is full of actionable ideas and moves quickly from concept to concept. There is an exceptional amount of content in Celebration of Discipline that might become overwhelming were it not so clearly catalogued.

He has a canny ability to share ideas that are clear and easy to understand.

I would recommend reading this book. It is an excellent expression of ideas that are both simple and profound. Foster has created a powerful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about Christian formation; beginners and experts will both benefit from reading this book. I recommend that you grab a copy and prepare to take lots of notes and reflect on the ways in which you have been approaching God.

Brent ColbyComment