You Can't Make Me - Review


you-cant-make-meParenting can be a daunting task. Even under the best conditions children know how to test the boundaries of their mom and dad. Strong willed children are exceptionally challenging as they don't always respond to the usual tactics. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias has written a book that addresses the particular needs of strong willed children. Her work, You Can't Make Me, describes the unique ways in which parents can lead such kids with great effectiveness. Written from the perspective of a battle-worn parent, Tobias speaks from experience. She shares the thoughts of a successful mother who has discovered, and verified, the style necessary to connect with a challenging son. Each idea is introduced through an anecdotal experience and of intense trial and error. She covers an array of topics including surviving meltdowns, cooperation, and how the strong willed child is wired.

I would recommend reading this book. It was insightful, challenging, and encouraging. Tobias introduces a variety of applicable techniques and ideas that are relevant for all parents. Those who struggle with a strong willed child should pay close attention: understanding the composition and composure of your kid is a great first step and Tobias does a great job at framing the conversation.

Brent ColbyComment