Center Church - Review


Center ChurchTimothy Keller is one of the most influential leaders of the church today. His ability to express ideas through writing and teaching is phenomenal and his book, titled Center Church, is no exception. Keller has produced a cornerstone work describing the good news of Jesus as it relates to people and places where we live. It is rich in theology, philosophy, and strategy and serves as Keller's manifesto for modern ecclesiastical work.

A manifesto for modern ecclesiastical work.

The book is extremely well written and organized. Keller's gift for clear and persuasive reason shine in this textbook-like production. The scope of this book is clearly defined and its limitations are not ignored. However Keller does not shy away from making big statements about the church and the best ways in which it can serve the gospel of Christ.

I would recommend reading this book. But be forewarned: it is not a particularly easy or fun read. Keller goes deep and he goes narrow. Anyone looking for a motivational and encouraging text should look elsewhere. There is more content in a few of these chapters than can be found in collections of other church related material. This is a true centerpiece of Keller's work which stands tall among its contemporaries. Grab a copy if you are looking to formulate a deeper understanding of the mission of God and how the church can best fulfill its obligation to tell others about Jesus.

Brent ColbyComment