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Scott Berkey SquareScott Berkey shared the following ideas about leadership and vision. Scott serves as the Kid’s Pastor of Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona. He writes about team development and leadership at His passion for children's ministry and ministry leaders is excellent. Be sure to check out his site and keep up to date with excellent content from a variety of authors. Proverbs states: where there is no vision, people cast off restraint. Vision is critical in ministry leadership. We are rarely afforded the luxury of compensation for team members. When we are, it’s usually nothing to “blog” about!

Learn the value of painting a clear vision for the team that you lead.

Leaders should learn the value of painting a clear vision for the teams they lead. Here are three things to remember about vision:

  1. Blurred Vision equals accidents

Driving a car with blurry vision can be dangerous, and a lack of clear vision within a ministry can lead to enormous trouble. Team members who are slightly off course can bring damage if not corrected quickly and appropriately. To avoid blurred vision, be sure every member of your leadership team can clearly articulate the vision when called upon to do so.

  1. Vision Exams are Key

I know getting an eye exam is something I should do, but I am putting it off because it feels like an unnecessary addition to my calendar. Spending time checking in with your team to confirm a clear understanding of the vision can seem like a waste of time as well. It’s not. Eye exams detect issues I might be unaware of. The same can be said about checking in with your team on matters of vision. It will help you avoid potential disasters.

  1. Vision Leaks

Bill Hybels used this statement to communicate a clear picture of vision. He described vision like water in buckets held by each member of the team. It’s our responsibility to refill the buckets of our team with the vision they need to experience success. Unfortunately each of their buckets has a hole in its bottom. Like water running from the bucket, the vision we place in the hearts and minds of our teams is in need of constant refilling.

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