Change Before You Have To - Review

change before you have toChange Before You Have To describes a process of change in four parts. Rob Ketterling builds a framework for change that describes the necessity, constancy, and challenges of change. The key to Ketterling's work is the preemptive nature described in the opening chapters. Everyone understands that change needs to take place when things are going bad. But who is prepared to change before they have to? The book is personal and familial in tone. Rob uses his own personal story of weight loss as an example throughout the book. He mixes a good combination of practical steps along side theories of change. Chapters like, Recognize That Change Never Stops, and Respond to What is True outline his philosophy towards internal and external components of change.

I would recommend reading this book. It is light hearted and straight foreword. I put it down feeling convicted and inspired about several areas of my life. If you are down for a bit of introspection and motivation then this is a perfect read for you.

Brent ColbyComment