Getting Cut Short


How do you respond when we get cut short? Do you create a scene or just deal with it. Consider this box of Starburst candies: it is dominated by orange and lemon flavor treats. Who likes orange and lemon? Lemon?! I dont know if this was some sort of April Fools edition or possibly the malicious work of a disgruntled employee. Surely the buyer of this good was cut short. There is a story in the Bible where Jesus describes some field workers. The day laborers were hired to work a vineyard at different parts of the day. One group started early in the morning while another group started later in the morning. Two more groups were brought in: one at noon and one towards the end of the day. When it came time to pay the workers the boss decided to pay everyone the same wage. 

This outraged several of the early morning workers who couldn't imagine why the guys who came late in the day should get paid the same as them. The owner responded to their protest by answering  "didn't you agree to work for this much money? Why are you complaining?" The boss had the right to pay whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted. 

This, says Jesus, is what the kingdom of God is like.

How should you respond when you get cut short in life? Deal with it. Chances are that you have already been given more than you deserve. To be jealous of others who have more isn't fair to the boss. He gives out as he pleases.

Brent ColbyComment