Conquest and Cultures - Review


Conquest and Cultures is an epic take of human history. Thomas Sowell has crafted an outstanding account of human equity as it rises and falls throughout the different peoples of the world. Through continents and cultures, Sowell notes the transfer of culture. The primary mechanism of transfer in this tale is conquest. The premise is simple: dominant peoples pass on their cultural identity to others. The intricate web of this transference is anything but simple; but Sowell is an expert in this type of story telling. His previous two works titled, Race and Culture, and Migrations and Culture both trace the proliferation of human characteristics and behaviors. As the third installment in this grand trilogy, Sowell has articulated another perspective on human history with exceptional competence. This account of international history is approached systematically, one continent at a time. The book opens with an extensive account on Great Britin and its transference of Roman culture. Each continent subsequently is viewed through the lens of conquest. Sowell paints a picture of wars and warriors triumphing through the landscape of time but culture remains the hero of each account.

I would recommend reading this book. It is an exhaustive tale that might overtax the casual reader. I found the content to be compelling from beginning to end. Sowell provides some insightful commentary toward the end fo the book that was more than welcome. His perspective on world events are profoundly informative for anyone interested in local or global movements.  If you are a lover of history and big picture thinking then Conquest and Cultures is a must read.

Brent Colby3 Comments