Its Not Easier Alone


Don't think that it is easier to go alone. Oh yes, it can feel easier sometimes, but it is not. The unpredictability, derailment, and disappointment that often characterizes team work is burdened with the baggage of people. But equal to their liability we find creativity, diversity and productivity. Take this pictured gentleman for example. He had the know how and ingenuity to rig up his own hair cutting station. This is all very technical and very unnecessary (as evidenced by the fact that their was an apparent second person in the room to photograph the whole episode). Do you think that he gave himself a good haircut? Perhaps. But did he make the best use of his time and technical skill? Perhaps not. We often exercise our leadership skills like self-haircutting guy. People marvel at our ability to execute on creative, technical and ingenious plans. But we have neglected the key component of all leadership: the leading of others. When we go it alone we are not leading. Self-haircutting guy has the skills to pull of some influential leadership; but he has chosen to squat in his own giftedness.

What you accomplish on your own is not awesome enough to warrant an isolationist approach. This practice is short sighted, selfish, and inefficient. Working with others is more difficult, but the dividends of teamwork far outweigh the liability of establishing a functional tem.

Brent Colby2 Comments