Create not Destroy


Old ideas are not destroyed; they are simply replaced by new ones. We can spend a lot of energy trying to tear down things that we dont like. Things that are harmful or dangerous find themselves in the crosshairs of our destructive firepower. We fight and fight against that which we do not believe in. It is important to stand firm in your beliefs but attempting to tear things down is a big waste of time. We will not be successful in creating a better world by destroying things. We must put our energy in to building up that which we believe in instead of tearing down the things that we do not believe in. This means that the church must continue to create better vehicles for the gospel. We will not win the race by trying to destroy the vehicles of our opponents.

The story of God does not change. The story of sin does not change either. We do not have to wage a war against sin. Jesus Christ has already done that on the cross and the battle has been won! We must take that good news and share it with others. We must tell them with words and show them with service. The church will experience a surge of influence when we decide to focus on creation instead of destruction.

Brent ColbyComment