Dauntless The Lost Fleet - Review


The battered Alliance fleet has flown into Syndic space for a winner-takes-all show down. Their 100 year enemy has shown no sign of surrender, no sign of slowing down. Both factions continue to slug it out between solar systems separated by millions of light years. The battles may be far apart but the damage is felt close at home. Every member of the Alliance has been touched by the cold desperation of war. And now a fated fleet confronts an overwhelming forces deep behind enemy lines. But not all hope is lost. Their warring journey led them to a surprise discovery: an escape pod from the first days of the war. The sole survivor of this pod has been suspended in life, suspended in death. His frozen body was successfully revived back to life and everyone was surprised to see the legend that emerged: "Black Jack" Geary. Can this hero of old save the fleet or have the tales of his past adventures exceeded his ability to defeat the Syndic forces? Dauntless: The Lost Fleet is a simple read. This traditional approach to the epic Space Opera falls very short. The story, characters and environments of the book are flat and colorless. The plot lines are well worn and writing is dry. It feels like the author has completed an interesting outline for a work of science fiction and then for got to fill in the blanks. Dauntless: The Lost Fleet suffers from a severe lack of sincerity. 

I would not recommend reading this book. I was excited to dive into a deep series of hard core science fiction. The book is extremely well reviewed on Amazon but I felt that it was a dud. Perhaps the story of "Black Jack" Geary begins to shine in the light of the series. Author Jack Campbell clearly set out to write a series and not a self sufficient story. This approach may sell a lot of books but I am not going to give it another chance. If you like boring and predictable science fiction with cardboard characters and colorless landscapes then this is the book for you!

Brent ColbyComment