Intelligence at Play: Imagination


What does it mean to say that imagination is intelligence at play? James Fowler makes this claim in a book that discusses the development of faith. He talks about the lives of young children how they transform experiences into ideas. This synthetic-conventional faith is a key part of spiritual formation and opens up the door to a world of ideas. What if the deepening of your relationship with Jesus depended in an ability to imagine new things? When was the last time you thought of something novel? My two year old daughter does it all of the time. Each evening, around 7:30, we crawl into bed for a round of books and songs and night time prayers. She is always eager to tell me about her adventures, many of which are certifiably untrue. I am not calling my daughter a liar but I am calling her imaginative. She has an unbridled imagination and can think of the most exciting and wonderful experiences that no one will ever have. As she grows older she will experience a more concrete world with clearer boundaries. Her imagination does not become obsolete, but rather, more important than ever.

Our tradition of faith depends on our ability to develop a moral imagination. We are responsible to present new ideas and strategies to reach an ever changing world. The more intelligent we become the wilder our imagine can roam. There is freedom when we know Christ; and deeper freedom as we come to know him more. Let your imagine run wild and create new and exciting ways to share the knowledge that has been given to you.

Brent ColbyComment