Do The Work - Review


Do the WorkSteven Pressfield will help you get going with his book titled, "Do the Work." He describes how to harness motivation, fight resistance, and finish what you start. It is an extremely motivational text that compliments his other work titled, "The War of Art." In the former work he focuses on the process of getting things done and less about the forces that push, and pull, us toward completion. The book is short and sweet. Each page is packed with pithy insight and motivating text. The average reader can tear through this 109 page mini-book in less than an hour. But I found it hard to complete a chapter without putting the book down and getting to work myself!

Filled with pithy insight and motivating text.

I would recommend reading this book. It is a little powerhouse of motivation and practical tips. It is a practical, to the point, down and dirty guide to overcoming the challenges of the daily grind. Grab a copy and keep it handy. You never know when you'll want a dose of motivation to get things done.

Brent ColbyComment