Epic Loot Cave


Loot Cave FIDestiny is a video game where players resist a foe who is attempting to destroy the world. Each of these Guardians level up with experience to unlock more powerful equipment and abilities. People are drawn to the story, the player vs player competition, and to leveling up. A recent exploit was found where individuals can stand in a specific location and shoot at specific enemies, coming out of a specific cave. Its not particularly fun or interesting. In fact, it neglects the most compelling parts of the game except one: leveling up.

Players are spending countless hours doing repetitive tasks in order to increase the power of their Guardian. This type of grinding is not new to video gaming. It is, more or less, a staple of the medium. People endure hours of mindless activity for petty gratification. But this type of behavior is not limited to video games. Every chime of our phone, check on our list, and item in our cart does something to our brain. We receive a rush of endorphins which make us feel good. You can read about this elsewhere but allow me to beg one question: from what are you receiving good feelings?

People endure hours of mindless activity for petty gratification.

You do something to feel better about yourself. What is your loot cave? I hope that you choose something that also makes you a better parent, leader, Jesus follower. God made us, he made you. Get your high from something that glorifies him. Play video games, check Facebook, go shopping; but don't let these things be the source of your joy.

Brent ColbyComment