Ephesian Leadership Theology - Part 3

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The united Church.

When leaders are able to focus on Christ, as empowered by the Holy Spirit, they will find a unity with other believers. Paul does not project a metaphor of Christianity with many different bodies functioning independently of each other. Paul insists that there is one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God who is over all.[1] He reconciles our differences by explaining how each of us complements each other in the way God has equipped us to serve. There is no one type of Christian but a cast of many who serve together. The role of the leader is to recognize the difference in each person. These different members are meant to work as one in Christ. The Holy Spirit is still playing a crucial role as the keeper of peace. Leaders should not marginalize people with different or unique gifts. They should embrace them and help them find the place where they can best serve the rest of the body of Christ.

[1] Eph., 4.4-5.


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