Ephesian Leadership Theology - Part 4

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For the purpose of maturity.

The fourth and final part of Paul’s theology of leadership is to propel this body into action. The Holy Spirit has united us in Christ for a purpose! The Church has been prepared for works of service so that it may grow and mature.[1] This growth is necessary for us to transform from infants into adults. It is also necessary for us to be protected from false teaching and cunning craftiness.[2] Leaders must move people into action. This is both an act of discipleship and evangelism. People will be made strong when they put their system of beliefs into action. The success of the church is completely dependent on everyone using their own gifts and not just discovering them. It is common for people to take a test to recognize their spiritual giftedness but less common for people to act on that understanding. Leaders must take those who have been united in Christ by the Holy Spirit into action.

[1] Eph. 4.13

[2] Eph. 4.15


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