Essentialism - Review


EssentialismEssentialism describes Greg McKeown's disciplined pursuit of less. By contrasting the way of the "nonessentialist," McKeown highlights aspects of the focused life aligned toward fulfillment and impact. It is a motivational text that begs the reader to evaluate their own work and investment of personal time. Sifting trivial pursuits from vital ones is a constant theme throughout the book. Substantial time is also given to the discipline of those committed to doing the most important things in life.

Sift trivial pursuits from vital ones.

The book is arranged into parts which speak to the discovery, alignment, and execution of the essential life. It is a logical flow to take the reader from 0-60 in the matter of 230 pages. McKeown does well hold the hand of the reader through key parts of the text while permitting more room for exploration throughout each part of the book.

I would recommend reading this book. It is a great tool in an ever growing box of books committed to the discovery and alignment of most-important things. McKeown's unique contribution is made in the practical aspects found in latter chapters. It is a book about the ideas and practice of existentialism which make this book stand out among its peers.

Brent ColbyComment