Writing Habit Mastery - Review


Writing Habit MasteryWriting Habit Mastery is S.J. Scott's guide for getting 2000 words a day on paper. It describes a fifteen step process to help anyone launch their writing career who has the desire to do so. Each tip is practical and geared toward budding and amateur writers. Scott places a great emphasis on forward movement and establishes several disciplines to keep you from getting stuck. The book is plan spoken and genuine. Scott wants the reader to succeed and his attitude toward the craft is approachable and inspiring. The ideas presented are not novel, but they are clearly communicated and organized in a way that is easy to follow.

I would recommend reading this book. It is practical and digestible in pieces. The author is sincere and helpful and takes an egalitarian approach to writing and publishing books. His use of the amazon platform is a key part of his writing and publishing process and applies mainly fiction writers.

Brent ColbyComment