First Roll of 35mm B&W

In 1979 my father purchased a brand new Pentax 35mm camera. I remember it as a kid, always adorning my fathers neck on vacation or sporting events. The mechanics of it were always a mystery to me. On several occasions he let me snap a few photos. I could never figure out how all of the dials and meters worked. When I asked if he still owned this relic from the past he was a bit caught off guard. Why did I want to know if he still owned the camera? He was touched to hear that I was interested in taking pictures of my own kids with the same camera he used to capture moments with my sisters and me. 

Here are a few of my first shots on 35mm B&W at 400 ISO. The old Pentax still has an eye for capturing some of my favorite family moments. The only difference this time is that I am the one behind the lens.